Sports Team Registration

You will like our Team Registration module because we built it to the specs of customers who asked for the unique capabilities needed for this process. Perhaps you’re like them -- sometimes you may need to only have a team register for an event -- other times you may need to have a team register and include the roster that will play during the league. As with most of TeamSideline, you can choose what you want.

Team Rosters

For a team registration roster, when the team leader completes the checkout process to complete the registration, the team name entered during the registration process displays as a link in the left sidebar. At this point, the Roster is in “Open” Roster status so that the Team Leader can click the link and add team members. This process may take an hour, a week, or more. At any point, you can click a lock icon and lock your Rosters so Team Leaders can no longer add or edit Rosters. Don’t worry, Admins can always add or edit Rosters regardless of what the Roster status is – or unlock specific rosters if needed. (As mentioned above, enabling the team leader to enter team rosters is configurable, not required.)

Team Assignments

Need to try to make leagues or tournament groups as even as possible? As registration progresses, use the Team Assignment page to assign teams to divisions. If needed, you can always remove them from a division for assignment to a different division. You can also use the custom enrollment data capabilities to customize the information you capture during registration to help you make assignments.

Roster Waiver Reports

Unlike player registration, Team Registration managers need to be able to print a single sheet Waiver Liability Form for all of the team members to sign. You can customize this form to make it unique for your organization from the logo to the waiver text.

Copy Roster

When team leaders return they may, or may not, want to copy a previous roster. The Copy Roster button makes this easy.


The Tournament Module can be used for team registrations also and you can easily add Teams to Pool Play groups and then feed some or all of those Teams into Brackets. Brackets include, but are not limited to, Single Elimination, Double Elimination and 3 Game Guarantee scenarios.